A small problem

What was not so clear
Has given itself to some transparency
Sitting as if in daylight
Resigned helplessly
To your blindedness

You notice yourself
As if for the first time
But it’s comfortably familiar
This is fitting
And describable no less

You are a man
Intelligent but not the feature
Passionate is your name
You seek to taste beauty
Creating it is your great challenge
And great desire

Otherwise jolly
Recklessly optimistic
With a small problem

Your small problem?
Yes, there it is
A coal of cheerlessness
In your chest
Made from many pains
Irreparable if not for time

I believe you are capable
Of allowing time to unravel
this core to dissolve
diffusing into the ether

And finally
Create the beauty that brings joy
To the hearts of others,
I wish this.



It fills streets
Blown around by the wind
Or splashed by fast cars

Don’t blink
It’s in the brief moments
Before and during
The familiar and the strange
Greet each other
You might miss it

It’s in the gleam of knowing eyes
In the air that fills lungs
Inhaled for life
And then expelled
Back into the ether

It weaves its way
In and around
Filling spaces of
Intentions and actions
Of the moving and the still
Of the enduring
And the eroding

As equally sought after
As it is misclassified
And overlooked
Eternally demanded
And damned