It fills streets
Blown around by the wind
Or splashed by fast cars

Don’t blink
It’s in the brief moments
Before and during
The familiar and the strange
Greet each other
You might miss it

It’s in the gleam of knowing eyes
In the air that fills lungs
Inhaled for life
And then expelled
Back into the ether

It weaves its way
In and around
Filling spaces of
Intentions and actions
Of the moving and the still
Of the enduring
And the eroding

As equally sought after
As it is misclassified
And overlooked
Eternally demanded
And damned


The present

There is a duality to this place
Those who walk through
Freely open doors
Expecting to be given
What was promised
Never leave
Spending eternity
They haunt and become haunted
The Gates are always open
But they aren’t capable
Of leaving
The hell they created for themselves